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Super Glam Review

Reviewed: 2005-05-31
Quick site rank and complete review of Super Glam | Categories: Amateur, Babes, European, Pornstar

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Our Rating: 85/100

Quality of Content: 23/25

Purchase Value: 16/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 7/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For SuperGlam

User Rating: 57/100 - based on 215 votes.

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Standard price: $29.95 (30 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30 days)

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Standard price: $59.95 (90 days, recurring at $59.95 / 90 days)

Tour Promises

This is a new site focusing on beautiful European girls. There should be about 25 000 high quality exclusive pics and over 50 hours of videos, available to the members.

My Opinion About SuperGlam

I visited the site again today (5/31/2005) and wrote a re-review, the old review is still posted after this update. Update follows:

I have reviewed SuperGlam.Com quite some time ago, and as I liked the site quite a lot back then, I decided to take a second look and make an update of the original review. So here we go. As in the past, SuperGlam specializes into European models, and they still focus on the best talents in the industry. There were 20 models on the site when I first reviewed it, now there are 25 of them available. I have to admit I expected to find more babes inside as quite a lot of time passed since my last reviews, but let it be for now.

What I liked about the site back then, was the approach they took with their models. Where majority of paysites simply posts pics or videos of the models, here they go into more detail. You'll get an interview with each model, 5 photo series and also backstage material produced during the actual photo shoot. This is surely a much better way of presenting the models than just simply throwing their pics and videos in our face.

Quality wise, the site still excels in a few ways. First, they let you choose what picture quality you prefer, offering their pics in 3 sizes up to 1024*1536. The pics are in excellent quality and well shot. Moreover, the sets are very long so you can explore each model in great detail. Each model has 5 picture series, each about 200 pics long, so that means the site has about 25 000 exclusive photos in excellent quality.

Now the videos, each model has an interview, a backstage video and usually 4 video scenes available. Out of those 4 scenes, 2 are usually softcore, while the other half deals with masturbation or toy use. This stayed pretty much the same as before. Let's do some math now : 25 models, 6 videos each that means 150 video scenes that you can either download or stream directly from the web. The downloadable version is an Mpeg of good quality, watchable in full screen mode.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, I was surprised to find only 25 models after such a long time, after all the site is supposed to be updated daily. But there is a reason for this, here is why : They use a "model of the month" system, introducing one new babe each month. Using partial daily updates, they publish all her content within a month, adding a few pics or video clips daily. So yes, the site is updated daily, with a small amount of content. Summed up, they add 1 new model with about 1000 pics and 6 rather long video scenes each month.

As promised in the past, the site now also offers live web-cam sessions. Unfortunately, none was scheduled for today, so I can't really comment on their quality. I'll end this re-review now, with this conclusion : the site kept it's promises, sorted out the non-working features, and added more hot babes. The only disappointment would be their update policy, I thought they'd add more content over such long period of time. End of Re-review.

Original Review Follows: Super Glam is a nicely, but quite simply designed site that has been launched just a while ago. Despites being a new one, this site should already contain a decent amount of high quality content. Moreover, all the content here should be exclusive and the girls presented on the tour are just plain beautiful. This makes me believe I am about to enter a great glamour site - but you never know until you see the inside, so let me login and check it out.

Right now there are 20 models prepared for you in the members area, not bad for the start, definitely not bad. Especially considering the way these babes look, these babes are some of the best looking girls I have seen in a long time, check out the samples and you will see what I mean. And, I don't understand why the owners of this site present it as a glamour site. As far as my understanding for the term "Glamour" goes, it should mean softcore posing stuff and the girls here have no problem with masturbating or using a big dildo :-) Not that I would complain, just that it got me confused a bit.

What I like about this site is, that these guys don't just take a model, shoot some pics with her and move on to another one. They chose a more detailed approach, I would say. So not only will you get to download pictures or videos featuring each model, there are also interviews and backstage footage available for each model. Well, let's say they should be - the site is still in the works and some of the links are still not working, which should be sorted out by the end of March 2004.

I will take a look at the site in April again, to make sure everything has been sorted out as promised, but in the meantime let me tell you more about the quality of already available content. Let's start with the pictures and let me say WOW, massive 1536*1024 resolution, super sharp and well shot - the pics are NON-retouched, I even saw one girl having a scar after appendix surgery :-) About 800 pictures are available for each model so the number 16 000 promised on the tour looks very real. There are always 4 series where the girl poses for the camera (1 or 2 softcore series, the rest is masturbation or toy use) and 1 backstage series showing you the "work" from a different perspective. I really can't complain here at all.

Videos are available for each girl, 3 different full scenes, 1 backstage scene and a video interview. At the date of my visit, only 6 girls had the videos online - again this should be fixed by the end of March. These 3 scenes are all pretty long, about 30 minutes each and you can either stream them straight from the web (in lower quality) or download them in one piece (high quality and not come short clips). Again, 1 scene seems to be always softcore (posing) and the rest shows the girl masturbating or using a toy. There is nothing I can bitch about here either, the videos are long, in very good quality and all downloadable.

In case you want to, the videos are also available for sale on DVD - 19EUR per piece. Live Chat with the girls should be also available, once the site is finished. There are also two more sections : outtakes and castings (showing you girls they didn't accept). And that's it, no misleading ads, no leased bullshit... just the way I like it. These guys obviously focus on quality instead of quantity and I applaud them for doing that. However, the site is updated daily so there should be no shortage of content in the future.

Final Verdict

SuperGlam.Com remained an excellent site, with very hot models and high quality exclusive content. As in the past, they still focus on quality instead of quantity, which explains the slow but constant growth of the site. This being said, I don't think many members stay with them month after month, but joining this site once in a while is certainly a good idea. Not many sites have models and pictures of their quality.

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User Comments

2010 May 07, 03:30, NY
Excellent photographer

2008 Oct 27, 21:42, Burmingham
Are they Europeans? I like European beauty more than American caucasian. Small breast are fine with me. I am still a virgin who's studying Psychology. I am not a porn surfer, just for our thesis

hot stuff
2008 May 24, 19:56, az
you are so hot

2008 Jan 04, 13:32, Spole
I'm hungry

2007 Oct 28, 19:00, Africa
Not so excting as it should be!

2007 Sep 19, 12:46, nederlands
just browsed the members area and it is indeed superb! the review here needs some update in my opinion. the site is now much much better in every aspect!

da dogg
2007 Jul 06, 11:16, namibia
yes,and i like it its extraordinary and delightful

2006 Jul 18, 11:58, NY
lots of updates now, great site!

rajiv agarwal
2006 May 20, 10:04, kanpur
for the first gone through the site and intrested to browse

2006 Feb 23, 02:06, in
interesting site

2006 Jan 02, 16:38, US
Definitely worth a first visit. You'll be busy, and the pics are KILLERS! And the women! Wow! But the "coming soon" claims at SuperGlam are a load of crap. They go for long periods without hardly updating anything. (Don't let the presence of the "update calendar" fool you -- it comes up empty!) And the videos? Man, do they SUCK.

2005 Jun 02, 13:56, Brooklyn N.Y.
Best Site on the Net..Second To None!!!!!!!!

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